Some are dark. But their beauty astounds me.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's Play

Film : « les dames du bois de boulogne »

JACQUES - I didn’t succeed in entertaining you , you’re hurt , I know i’m bothering you . but I’m your oldest friend , and if you shut up I’ll speak to you . Hélène , you dropped everything , abandoned everything for a lover who doesn’t love you anymore .

HELENE - Jean adores me and I adore him .

JACQUES - you know what I mean . observe him as I observe you .There is no such thing as love , Hélène, there only are proofs of love .

HELENE - our love bothers our friends . I’m sorry , I’m happy .

JACQUES _ I should warn you , but I only love you .

HELENE - goodnight , Jacques , the play is long , and I’m tired .

JACQUES - Goodnight


HELENE - Jean ! … you got me scared .

JEAN - I came to apologize for this stupid forgetting.

HELENE - it’s of no importance between us , I’m tired .

JEAN - I must admit , I had completely forgotten I was having dinner with you tonight , I’m unforgivable !

HELENE- do you like this box ?

JEAN- I like gold , it looks like you , hot , cold , clear , dark , uncorruptible .. what a nice piece . Thank you .

HELENE - it was your birthday present . you would have found it on your seat

JEAN - our birthday ?

HELENE - already two years we decided to live for each other .

JEAN - I’m a monster .

HELENE - don’t blame yourself , we all have something to blame ourselves for .

JEAN - reproaches ? you ?


JEAN - tell me

HELENE - maybe it’s better not to say anything

JEAN - what about our pact ? it was about telling everything to each other ! no matter what .

HELENE - that’s the problem , since a few days , I hesitate to tell you something , I’m afraid to hurt you .

JEAN - You , hurt me ?

HELENE - well , Jean , it happened little by little , despite me , whithout me even noticing , I couldn’t laugh , couldn’t sleep anymore , I was wondering if it came from us ,no . you’re the same , marvellous as usual . I changed , I wonder .why doesn’t it ache anymore to wait ? your coming doesn’t upset me anymore ….

JEAN- Hélène !

HELENE - the discovery is awful , but I’m going to be honest , my heart is growing apart from you . I’m waiting for your reproaches , the worst names .

JEAN - Hélène , you’re great , it was you who spoke first . and I should be the first one to be guilty . the story of your heart is word for word the story of mine . everything you said I said to myself .i didn’t dare to speak .

HELENE - is it true ?

JEAN- it is , hélène , you’re beautiful ! You’re stunning . it would have been awful to continue.

HELENE - yes awful , what are we going to do ?

JEAN- we didn’t fool each other , we’ll meet again . we would have avoided the lingering dying loves . no tricks , no discoveries , we’ll be unique in our kind . I get my freedom back , you get yours , I’ll tell you everything , you’ll do the same . maybe one day I’ll realize you were the only woman for me and come back .who knows the future ?

HELENE - what if when you come back , I’m not here anymore … I mean , everything is possible , I could fall in love with someone else , not like you , but I could .

JEAN - it would be nobody’s fault .goodnight , Hélène .

HELENE - goodnight Jean

(Jean leaves)

HELENE - take all the the calls , I’m here for no one .

THE MAID - no one ?

HELENE - no one . I’ll have my revenge .


just DIE ! you evil french striker !

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Joy Ian

...we will see that movie if not just for the music, just for him. Raw and gifted.

Ian Kevin Curtis (15 July 1956 – 18 May 1980) was the vocalist and lyricist, as well as occasional guitarist and keyboardist, of the band Joy Division, which he joined in 1976 after meeting with Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook at a Sex Pistols gig.

A softer spot

... we just luuuuv this place :

politically incorrect, tender, sexy, poetic, we're hooked.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Il Stupido

Opponents say Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is insensitive after he remarked soldiers can't be used to protect all "beautiful girls" from rape. Commenting on demands for more troops to be deployed on Italian streets after three high-profile rape cases in Rome this month, Berlusconi said, "We would need as many soldiers as there are beautiful girls in Italy -- which we will never manage."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mister T.

...we just blush looking at his pictures...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mean blonde

...Jack Bauer, die young and stay blonde...

Friday, January 23, 2009


It is trite to speak of a broken heart. Hearts are not broken; they continue to beat, the blood still courses, even in the bitter after-days of betrayal. But something is broken when pain beyond words is suffered; some connection that formerly existed with light and hope and bright mornings is severed, and can never be restored.

Possibly, it is beyond human art to convey the sense of something lost, but eternally present, that such place inspire.

For I think I know who sets this watcher on me, and who it is that desires to know what I now know. He smiles, and asks me how I am, and he shines like the sun in the estimation of the world; but there is evil in his heart.

Michael Cox “The meaning of night : a confession”

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Operatic teenage girl

...we used to sing in our bed just like that thinking of Mr Slater back in the 90's...

And again, what's left to say about Diana Damrau's marvelous talents ? Not the most beautiful voice in classical history but her singing and her acting are of high level and very rare in opera.

She's our super heroin.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lady In Red...

....we saw here quite recently, and she was just as beautiful and lovely as she is on that video.
If you're familiar with that song, you'll notice that unlike most singers, Elina ends it softly without pushing her voice too much, which is actually true to the spirit of the character she's playing at that moment. The last 5 seconds of this song always make me shiver.

It's true...Elina, mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix...


She needs it...

... Help that is...

back from the rocking world of the 90's.

After her big breakthrough, Joan was always more about the raw sexual rock back then than the "what if God was a slut" song let us believe she was.

It seems she settled down now with country music. Let's guess her hormones have decreased.

Gosh, some might say, she had something going with the microphone, but we don't care. Our cowboy side is just totally aroused.



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One thing about the living...

One thing about the living
Every now and then one of us
Stops dying for a moment

After forty days, it came back in December while the wind blew like Baltimore around this southern city. It came back. It walked around talking to gardeners, waving at football players, luring me back to your bed. It came back, colder, deeper, more terrible than I remembered. I knew the route it took to find me, the detours it made, the washed-out bridge, the dangerous ferry crossing. I pretended it was cat wailing on another roof.
Later I took it to lunch. I fed it bread and wine. I gave some to Spooky nd some to Irise and some to the football players and poured some into a letter and went upstairs and got into bed and held it while it took my arms and legs. I closed my eyes it grew heavier. I held still it grew heavier.

Ellen Gilchrist “Net of jewels”


The licks

...of course there is Juliet, but we wouldn't mind those Romeos for ourselves.


Back with a bang !

Well, we're back from our wonderful vacations and only to find that Miss Cross is releasing new songs.

so far there's just one : August Moon , whose lyrics and video you can find on Michelle's website :

or :

It's not the tattoo, it's not the hair, it's not the voice, it's just everything, call it style ? no... it's just talent.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What you won't see in Paris

Once again, we hate censorship and hypochristians. May your spawn be doomed ! Billboard censored :

"Fred's happy because he's kissing the man of his life..."

"What difference does that make for you ?"

"Because for him, it's important."