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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rock On !

Pleasure of the eyes !


Baby it's Gayle !

If you've seen Quentin Tarantino's Deathproof -like we did at Obscure Object of Desire- at least 10 times, then you must have also shaken your head onto that sultry song "Baby it's you" along with Sydney Poitier (the girl, not her dady).

Filled with that sexual tension that makes you want to just hump the first hunk you meet ( "it doesn't matter what they say, I'm gonna love you any old way"... YES WE ARE !) we did a little research on the band responsible for such a raw and sexy hit. The answer is "A group called Smith".

The song is a cover of The Shirelles, the Beatles also recorded their version of it and it's quite interesting to notice that the Smith cover is the only one who fully captured the sexual potential of the song thanks essentially to the Joplinesque vocals of Miss Gayle Mccormick the female vocalist of the band.

"Baby it's you" was their only major hit, sold over 1 000 000 copies in 1969 (hippy hippy shake), their album stayed 11 weeks in the 40 albums. Their second opus "Minus-Plus" (good luck finding it on a net store) had way less success, eventually the band split. Supposedly Gayle had health problems during the tour and was replaced then by another singer in 1970.

She did however record 3 solo albums (of which only one is available on the net).

This blonde and blue-eyed Tigress coud have had a lot more success and deserved more, nevertheless she's important to us.
Thank God for Quentin Tarantino 70's music obsession ! Let's hope that his edition of "Deathproof" 's soundtrack will bring back attention on her and the Smith and give motion to new album editions...


She's got a tiara...

...and she's not afraid to use it ! 


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Love, Glory and Beauty

Fame and Kate Capshaw said to Harrison Ford back in the 80's...

Obscure Object of Desire wishes you a 2009 filled with glamour, fun, love, money and hot sex.

"sex.... what else" ?

We and Delphine believe also in terderness...


Don't Bore Me....

...I'm fucking fabulous...


Just because...

...we also have a Happy Harry Hard-On deep inside...


Monday, December 29, 2008

Elementary my dear Jeremy

... ok that was easy, nevertheless in this world of mystery and unsolved crimes, we would have followed Sir Brett anywhere... noblesse oblige....

this bipolar bisexual (according to evilpedia) sure put an interesting and dark face on our distinguished english detective. Obviously we would have volunteered to take Watson's place... but that's just our Moriarty side talking.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gone with Clark

... well in an evening of über romantism, we suffered a wild chill watching "Gone with the wind" (for the xth time) with Mr Gable.

some men are just born with attitude and elegance, that's just all there is to it my dear.

to think that hadn't it been for Miss Crawford, he wouldn't have made it. He was considered ugly at those times. Well some fabulous women know the difference.
It's all in the moustache.

thank you Miss Crawford...


Friday, December 26, 2008

"I was in my bath when you called"

...or so Delphine Seyrig said in the Losey movie adapted from Harold Pinter : "The Accident" with Dirk Bogard and Jacqueline Sassard.

well, Harold Pinter has died. Who else is going to write about the (un)safety of objects, the slow anguish of common gestures and everyday's life, of all the unsaid secrets in just a look ? Here at Obscure Object of Desire, we wonder and we can already tell you... it's not going to be Luc Besson and its Gremlins generation.

Wanna have a decent movie night ? watch "The Servant" and give yourself a treat.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

G R E E N !

Here at Obscure Object of Desire, we tend to follow Buffy's friend Anyanka's theory : Santa was formaly a demon using gifts as baits to attract little children in order to eat them later...

if However you're a believer of the nice grand pa theory, then we wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS ! ! !

Edda and all the Met are here for you


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

She might have been born just plain white trash but F A N C Y was her name...

Bobbie where have you gone ?

folk/country misses you so much. thank you for reminding us that LYRICS DO MATTER.

It's important to say something...

"Well, I Remember It All Very Well Lookin' Back
It Was the Summer That I Turned Eighteen.
We Lived in a One-room, Run Down Shack On the Outskirts of New Orleans.
We Didn't Have Money For Food Or Rent To Say the Least We Was Hard-pressed
When Momma Spent Every Last Penny We Had To Buy Me a Dancin' Dress.

Well, Momma Washed and Combed and Curled My Hair,
Then She Painted My Eyes and Lips.
Then I Stepped Into the Satin Dancin' Dress.
It Had a Split in the Side Clean Up to My Hips.
It Was Red, Velvet-trimmed, and It Fit Me Good
And Standin' Back From the Lookin' Glass
Was a Woman Where a Half Grown Kid Had Stood.

She Said, "Here's Your Last Chance, Fancy, Don't Let Me Down!
Here's Your Last Chance, Fancy, Don't Let Me Down.
God Forgive Me For What I Do,
But If You Want Out Girl It's Up to You.
Now Get On Out, You Better Start Sleepin' Uptown.

"Momma Dabbed a Little Bit of Perfume On My Neck
and She Kissed My Cheek
Then I Saw the Tears Welling Up In Her Troubled Eyes
As She Started to Speak
She Looked At Our Pitiful Shack and
Then She Looked At Me and Took a Ragged Breath

She Said, Your Pa's Runned Off, and I'm Real Sick And the Baby's Gonna Starve to Death.
She Handed Me a Heart-shaped Locket That Said "To Thine Own Self Be True"
And I Shivered As I Watched a Roach Crawl Across The Toe of My High-healed Shoe
It Sounded Like Somebody Else Was Talkin' Askin', "Momma What do I Do?"
She Said, "Just Be Nice to the Gentlemen, Fancy. They'll Be Nice to You."

She Said, "Here's Your Last Chance, Fancy, Don't Let Me Down!
Here's Your Last Chance, Fancy, Don't Let Me Down.
God Forgive Me For What I Do, But If You Want Out Girl It's Up to You
Now Don't Let Me Down, Now Get On Out, You Better Start Sleepin' Uptown."

That Was the Last Time I Saw My Momma When I Left That Rickety Shack
The Welfare People Came and Took the Baby.
Momma Died and I Ain't Been Back.
But the Wheels of Fate Had Started to Turn And For Me There Was no Other Way Out.
It Wasn't Very Long After That I Knew Exactly What My Momma Was Talkin' 'bout.

I Knew What I Had to Do. Then I Made Myself This Solemn Vow:
I's Gonna to Be a Lady Someday Though I Didn't Know When Or How.
But I Couldn't See Spendin' the Rest of My Life With My Head Hung Down in Shame.
You Know I Mighta Been Born Just Plain white Trash. But Fancy Was My Name.

She Said, "Here's Your Last Chance, Fancy, Don't Let Me Down!
Here's Your Last Chance, Fancy, Don't Let Me Down.
God Forgive Me For What I Do, But If You Want Out Girl It's Up to You.
Now Get On Out, You Better Start Sleepin' Uptown."

Wasn't Long After That a Benevolent Man Took Me in Off the Streets
One Week Later I Was Pourin' His Tea In a Five Roomed Penthouse Suite.
Since Then I've Charmed a King, a Congressman And An Occasional Aristocrat
And I Got Me An Elegant Georgia Mansion And a New York Townhouse Flat.
Now I Ain't Done Bad

Now in This World There's a Lot of Self-righteous Hypocrites Who Call Me Bad.
They Criticize Momma For Turning Me Out No Matter How Little We Had.
But I Haven't Had to Worry 'bout Nothin' Now For Nigh On Fifteen Years
But I Can Still Hear the Desperation In My Poor Mommas Voice Ringin' in My Ears.

"Here's Your Last Chance, Fancy, Don't Let Me Down!
Oh, Here's Your Last Chance, Fancy, Don't Let Me Down.
God Forgive Me For What I Do, But If You Want Out Girl It's Up to You.
Now Get On Out, You Better Start Sleepin' Uptown."


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sometimes you just want to be the killer down the road...

... thank you Nina and fuck the censorship back in the 90's all we got to see was a lousy one shot. because it was supposedly bad driving example...

let me tell you, here at Obscure Object of Desire, we have our list of people to run over, we're tough and buff, we fear nothing... see what you may face...

Be Careful...

.... Miss Tierney is looking at you....


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fine young Folk

Indie underground secret dark alleys music has always been our thing for a long as bright imposed-commercial-hypochristian music started to creep its horrible shadow over us.

So we decided to rebel in our teens, and this is in this spirit that we present you two bands...

Ava and Ian

with their soft songs and folkish music, it's difficult not to linger in this world of twilight... Ian's voice is heartbreaking on "Belay on"...

and also now ...

The Sparkling Bottles

those two folkish french handsome lads are delightful... Their soft electric guitar style reminds a bit of classic rock band Drugstore. Let's hope they'll make it big someday.

Those two are our obscure music of desire for today...