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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby it's Gayle !

If you've seen Quentin Tarantino's Deathproof -like we did at Obscure Object of Desire- at least 10 times, then you must have also shaken your head onto that sultry song "Baby it's you" along with Sydney Poitier (the girl, not her dady).

Filled with that sexual tension that makes you want to just hump the first hunk you meet ( "it doesn't matter what they say, I'm gonna love you any old way"... YES WE ARE !) we did a little research on the band responsible for such a raw and sexy hit. The answer is "A group called Smith".

The song is a cover of The Shirelles, the Beatles also recorded their version of it and it's quite interesting to notice that the Smith cover is the only one who fully captured the sexual potential of the song thanks essentially to the Joplinesque vocals of Miss Gayle Mccormick the female vocalist of the band.

"Baby it's you" was their only major hit, sold over 1 000 000 copies in 1969 (hippy hippy shake), their album stayed 11 weeks in the 40 albums. Their second opus "Minus-Plus" (good luck finding it on a net store) had way less success, eventually the band split. Supposedly Gayle had health problems during the tour and was replaced then by another singer in 1970.

She did however record 3 solo albums (of which only one is available on the net).

This blonde and blue-eyed Tigress coud have had a lot more success and deserved more, nevertheless she's important to us.
Thank God for Quentin Tarantino 70's music obsession ! Let's hope that his edition of "Deathproof" 's soundtrack will bring back attention on her and the Smith and give motion to new album editions...


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