Some are dark. But their beauty astounds me.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

BB's Grace...

....though her acting was always questionnnable, her beauty never was, the minutes she was on the screen, you could see her only.

here's to you Miss Bardot.


TJB said...

Before she became a withered, bigoted, crazy old hag, La Bardot was magnifique! Have you seen "Come Dance with Me"? She's absolutely luscious, the costumes and set design are to swoon over, her male lead is delectable, and her supporting cast includes Serge Gainsbourg AND a drag queen!

Mister Superglider said...

I'd have to find the title in french to be sure :/ but that sounds like my kind of film.

One of the movies i like her the most is probably the black and white one with Sami Frey. She plays well and she's just so beautiful. and well he is too ;)

TJB said...

"Voulez-Vous Danser avec Moi?"

And the film with Sami Frey is "La Veritie," I believe.