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Friday, June 12, 2009

Need Modjo - urgent !

we're currently like that :

when we should be having that :

...we're having a real modjoless week, no motivation for sports at all, ditched cuong nhu for the entire week, we won't be going tomorrow morning either. We'll go to tai-jitsu class tonight and that's it.
we did go on a date however, with a dashy young fellow from south of the country. Lean and probably a bit mean, went to law school after all, but that seems to be our type.

who knows ? we don't.

We're expecting a buch of marvelous old movies with Liz Taylor, Montgomery Clift and Vincent Price and one with Delphine. Hope we get them before sunday though we doubt that. We did finish the book about the Von Bülow case, very interesting story but poorly written clearly some lawyers should just stick with procedure and avoid any litterary hope.

anyhow, just one afternoon to go, 2 hours of sport and we're safe back at home...

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