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Thursday, October 15, 2009

500 days

It is quite hard to find good romantic US movies nowadays, without them being dramatical or where someone gets killed.Recently the focus was on "dysfunctionnal" people a.k.a. "little miss sunshine", etc... 
But for once, we got out the cinema liking what what we saw. The actors were good, Zooey D. still a bit eerie but plausible, and Joe Gordon L. ├╝ber charming and disarming (yes, we did melt down). The soundtrack is enjoyable despite a Carla Sarkozy apparition from the past (from her 1st album), and even though the direction goes sometimes a bit too far in the originality (the musical scene after their first night), the love story itself is really well written and described as something to which anybody can relate.
We hope it'll lead the way to other good love stories... or as the underline goes to other good stories about love.


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