Some are dark. But their beauty astounds me.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mr Waldo Lydecker, a dandy.

"I should be sincerely sorry to see my neighbor's children devoured by wolves. "

"How singularly innocent I look this morning. "  


"I don't use a pen. I write with a goose quill dipped in venom. "

"I cannot stand these morons any longer. If you don't come with me this instant I shall run amok. "

"I'm not kind, I'm vicious. It's the secret of my charm. "


"My dear, either you were born on a extremely rustic community, where good manners are unknown, or you suffer from a common feminine delusion that the mere fact of being a woman exempts you from the rules of civilized conduct."

"If you come any closer boy I shall break your skull with my stick ! "



TJB said...

I fear that I am becoming Waldo Lydecker in my dotage... LOL!

Mister Superglider said...

could be worse, Waldo Lydecker had fame, talent, a beautiful appartment, a love for antics, a sharp tongue and an iron will.
he probably was a psychopath though...